Kristina Shull (she/hers) is a public historian of race, foreign relations, immigration enforcement, and climate migration in the modern US and the World. 

She holds a PhD in History from UC Irvine, a Master’s in Humanities and Social Thought from NYU, and a BA in History from UCLA. From 2018-20, Shull was a post-doctoral fellow in Global American Studies at Harvard University where she taught in the Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights unit. Her current book project, Invisible Bodies: Immigration Crisis and Private Prisons Since the Reagan Era, explores the rise of migrant detention in the early 1980s as a form counter-insurgency in Reagan's Cold War on immigrants.

Shull is the creator of IMM Print and Climate Refugee Stories. 

She was awarded a Soros Justice Fellowship from the Open Society Foundations in 2016 for her work in immigration detention storytelling, and a National Geographic Documenting Human Migrations education grant for Climate Refugee Stories in 2019. 

Word cloud created at a convening of the UC Critical Refugee Studies Collective at UCLA in 2018. Shull asked participants to share their commitments to climate and migrant justice.


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