EMR 135 Course Showcase Event "Border Butterflies: Stories of Climate Change and Migration" December 2019
Photo Credit: Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University

Charlotte Teachers Institute 2021 Seminar "Climate Refugee Stories"

What is digital history? A showcase of digital history projects by graduate students in Dr. Tina Shull’s Spring 2021 course at UNC Charlotte, HIST 6330: History in the Digital Age.

Instructional Materials

The #ClimateMigrationSyllabus

Climate Refugee Stories project

The #ImmigrationDetentionSyllabus

Freedom for Immigrants website

Co-authored with Freedom for Immigrants

Producer and Narrator, with NYU School of Law Immigrant Rights Clinic and Freedom for Immigrants, June 2017

Courses Designed and Taught

Climate Refugee Stories

History 3000, UNC Charlotte, Spring 2022

Charlotte Teachers Institute Seminar, 2021

Prisons & Protest
History 4600, UNC Charlotte, Fall 2021

History in the Digital Age

History 6330, UNC Charlotte, Fall 2022 and Spring 2021

Election 2020

History 2600, UNC Charlotte, Spring 2021

Mass Incarceration in US History

History 3000, UNC Charlotte, Fall 2020

Climate Change Histories and Futures

Liberal Studies 2301, UNC Charlotte, Fall 2022, Spring 2022, and Fall 2020

Climate Migration: Histories, Borders, and Activism

Ethnicity Migration and Rights 135, Harvard University, Fall 2019

Detention, Deportation, and Resistance in US History

Ethnicity, Migration and Rights 132, Harvard University, Fall 2018

Climate Refugees

History 100W, UC Irvine, Winter 2017

Race and Mass Incarceration

History 100W, UC Irvine, Spring 2016

California Dreaming

History 142A, UC Irvine, Winter 2016

Climate History and Global Warming

History 102B, UC Irvine, Fall 2015

WWII and Postwar American Culture

History 144G, UC Irvine, Fall 2015

The World Since 1870

History 21C, UC Irvine, Summer 2013 and 2014

Courses Co-Taught


Humanities 1ABC, UC Irvine, Humanities Core Course Program, 2014-2016

Americans and Nature

Core Thematic Option 104, Professor Bill Deverell, University of Southern California, Fall 2014

Divinity, Society, and Nature

Humanities 1 ABC, UC Irvine, Humanities Core Course Program, 2012-2013

Critical Reading and Rhetoric, Theme: Race & Ethnicity

Writing 39B, UC Irvine, Composition Program, Fall 2010 and Winter 2011

Argument and Research

Writing 39C, UC Irvine, Composition Program, Spring 2011

Teaching Assistant

American Business and Labor

History 215G, University of Southern California, Spring 2015

Changing Family Forms

Sociology 169, University of Southern California, Spring 2015

The Sociology of Globalization

Sociology 255G, University of Southern California, Fall 2014

Modern Japan Through Film

History 172G, UC Irvine, Spring 2012

World of Coffee

History 163, UC Irvine, Winter 2012

Asia-Pacific War

History 172G, UC Irvine, Fall 2011

American Society in the 20th Century

History 40C, UC Irvine, Spring 2009 and 2010

Gender in 19th Century America

History 146E, UC Irvine, Winter 2010

Native American History

History 15A, UC Irvine, Winter 2009