EMR 135 Course Showcase Event "Border Butterflies: Stories of Climate Change and Migration" December 2, 2019 Photo Credit: Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University

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Instructional Materials

Climate Migration Syllabus

Climate Refugee Stories website

Immigration Detention Syllabus

Freedom for Immigrants website

“A short history of immigration detention” Timeline

Co-authored with Freedom for Immigrants

Short Film: "Exposed: The Injustice of Immigration Detention"

Producer and Narrator, with NYU School of Law Immigrant Rights Clinic and Freedom for Immigrants, June 2017.

Courses Designed and Taught

History 3000: Mass Incarceration in US History

UNC Charlotte, Fall 2020

Liberal Studies 2301: Climate Change Histories and Futures

UNC Charlotte, Fall 2020

Ethnicity Migration and Rights 135: Climate Migration: Histories, Borders, and Activism

Harvard University, Fall 2019

Ethnicity, Migration and Rights 132: Detention, Deportation, and Resistance in US History

Harvard University, Fall 2018

History 100W: Climate Refugees

UC Irvine, Winter 2017


History 100W: Race and Mass Incarceration

UC Irvine, Spring 2016


History 142A: California Dreaming 

UC Irvine, Winter 2016

History 102B: Climate History and Global Warming

UC Irvine, Fall 2015

History 144G: WWII and Postwar American Culture

UC Irvine, Fall 2015

History 21C: The World Since 1870

UC Irvine, Summer 2013 and 2014

Courses Co-Taught

Humanities 1ABC: War

UC Irvine, Humanities Core Course Program, 2014-2016

History 215G: American Business and Labor

University of Southern California, Spring 2015

Sociology 169: Changing Family Forms

University of Southern California, Spring 2015

Core Thematic Option 104: Americans and Nature

University of Southern California, Fall 2014

Sociology 255G: The Sociology of Globalization

University of Southern California, Fall 2014

Humanities 1 ABC: Divinity, Society, and Nature

UC Irvine, Humanities Core Course Program, 2012-2013

Writing 39B: Critical Reading and Rhetoric, Theme: Race & Ethnicity

UC Irvine, Composition Program, Fall 2010 and Winter 2011

Writing 39C: Argument and Research

UC Irvine, Composition Program, Spring 2011

Teaching Assistant

History 172G: Modern Japan Through Film

UC Irvine, Spring 2012

History 163: World of Coffee

UC Irvine, Winter 2012

History 172G: Asia-Pacific War

UC Irvine, Fall 2011

History 40C: American Society in the 20th Century

UC Irvine, Spring 2009 and 2010

History 146E: Gender in 19th Century America

UC Irvine, Winter 2010

History 15A: Native American History

UC Irvine, Winter 2009

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